Dating my physical therapist

I wanted to have her evaluate the chronic hip flexor pain I had referenced in my earlier post. So it was the end of July and I was with my friend at the Los Altos Farmer’s Market. Tanya was willing to do the work that I knew the first physical therapist was neglecting to do.

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My trigger points were wicked sore and tender to the touch. It was explained to me that trigger points are generally caused by muscles that are being worked too much or are under constant stress and overload.

In my case there was a completely unconscious tensing of my pelvic floor muscles, I had no idea it was happening.

I was sort of happy with my results from physical therapy, but something in my gut told me she wasn’t doing enough. I told Tanya about my recent pelvic floor dysfunction and tight cranky pelvis. I felt a little guilty, but my gut told me Tanya could do more for me, Tanya could produce better results. Tanya has magic hands, she is an intuitive and gifted physical therapist.

Weeks into treatment I should have been feeling better than I was. Over a year ago I had been trying to link up with a local pelvic physical therapist who happened to be a friend of a friend. She didn’t hesitate and encouraged me to come see her. She has a unique practice and a lot of tools in her toolkit that I was never exposed to with my first physical therapist.

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Obviously there are guy OT’s too, but I wrote this in the same style as the other articles. She won’t be easily wooed by sweet nothings and empty conversations.

Don’t date an OT because she won’t be impressed with your fancy clothes and cool car. She'll see past your clever one-liners and coy smiles. She won't be so easily caught because she has found a better reason to fly.

Don’t date an OT because she’ll talk to everyone she meets for far too long.

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