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Must have got it as a Nic Nak, at the time they were not going for anything?????????? IF i sold these both, AT LEAST i would make 0.00.least. One day years ago i got a GIBSON bass for 10 bucks, made NO money.. The USA bolt on guitars never followed the same serial number sequence as the neck thru models, which were numbered using the (YYXXX) format with the first two digits being the year, and the last three digits being the production number.

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OK..heres how a flea market WORKS..i made $1.50 cents today, cost me 12 to do it.. I will be cleaning on this guitar all week.more pix then. Was going to the bathroom, Brenda did not go with me today, so i had no chance to look... Once again, the guitar will indicate that it was made in the USA by the "Made In The USA" stamp on the headstock.

A few of my guitar-dealer-buddies were there, but i found it FIRST this time...have money on them at ALL times for gear, i dont, so they win me out lots.... makes me wonder what i might have NOT look around today.. The Bolt On guitars serial numbers started with "BC" followed by five digits (BCXXXXX). Class Axe did make some USA instruments of very good quality.

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J.: R2xxx to R8xxx, R83xxxx to R92xxxx ================================================== ===================== B.

It is unknown exactly how many of these were actually made, but there appears to be many more than previously though.

...lolol did not even know it was USA when i got it.. feels AWESOME setting down.back V cur go's right between ya legs.. Although neck-through production never surpassed approximately 2200 guitars a year, as the '80s progressed, the serial numbers continued to get ahead of the actual year. These do not follow the same XXYYY dating scheme as the neck thru models.

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