Dating in the senegalese culture

Senegalese tea culture is an important part of daily social life.

The words used in various ethnic languages to refer to the tea, the teapot and the mint are borrowed from Arabic, proving that Senegalese mint tea is of Moorish origin.

More than 80% of the population from 15 to 60 years of age drink tea.

Chinese green tea leaves are put into the teapot with some water and mint leaves and boiled over a charcoal stove.

Sugar is added to the teapot and the tea is poured into small glasses of a certain height and then poured back and forth from the glass to the teapot several times so that foam appears in the glass. The Western African style of serving involves holding the tea pot high above the table and pouring the hot tea at least twelve inches through the air into small glasses.

The Ministry of Labor has indicated that the public school system is unable to cope with the number of children that must enroll each year.

As a result, many school-age children seek education and training through more informal means.

Gross and net enrolment rates are based on the number of students formally registered in primary school and therefore do not necessarily reflect attendance.

In 2000, 41.2% of children ages 5 to 14 years were attending school.

“There were 65 people on that boat," he told La Voz de Almeria.

"I want to give thanks to Spaniards and the Spanish government for rescuing me when I was in the sea,” he added.

When his hometown of Roquetas de Mar won first prize in Tuesday’s draw, everybody who’d bought a ticket in the coastal resort was automatically entitled to a share of a massive €630 million jackpot.

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