Dating hebdomas pocket watch

The work of these watch-maker has been re-discovered by a large public and connoisseurs, who appreciates the good craftmanship and models that time has preserved.

Since 1888, all Hebdomas watches has been entirely manufactured by hand, piece by piece.

There is a slight scratch on the front panel, a small spot of paint loss on the middle cherub on the right pane as can be seen in the pictures. The chromed case is signed on the inside of the screw back 'Silveroid, A. Taken from Nelson's original pocket watch, this rare watch has three dials and its fascination is that each dial has a single function.

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The enamel dial is signed 'Elgin' and is 45mm in diameter. The result is a watch face of unique character and clarity.

There are red minute chapter around the outer edge of the dial and black 24 hour chapter around the centre. This watch is driven by a superior 20-jewel movement to ensure longevity and accuracy.

The front door panel shows 2 cherubs on a cloud, the left panel shows three cherubs with fishing, the right panel shows three cherubs, one holding a dove, one with staff and the 3rd with an urn.

The top, back and front skirting is light gold velvet. 15394640' with the numbers '1 2 7' along the inner edge of the case. The inside of the dustcover is inscribed 'English Make, This case guaranteed to wear 10 years #175127' The case has 'Star 175127 on the inside. The dial is 2.7 cm in diameter and has the name Kered, 17 jewel lever, shock protected, antimagnetic. Price: 38 Keinzle Gents Mechanical Wrist Watch c.1960s A Keinzle mechanical wrist watch in good condition and working order. It has a gold plated case and stainless steel back and a new fine quality leather strap.

Considered to be three of the most reliable and decent manufacturers of pocket watches are the companies Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin and A. Manual winding is common in contemporary pocket watches, and these brands have a history of manufacturing perfect quality versions.

Characteristically, a pocket watch must either be open-faced or 'hunter-style', which has a sprung-loaded protective cover for the dial, and which first came to prominence at the end of the 18th century with the rise of railroading.The simplicity of the dial, practically without hands, makes everything that more easier to tell THE are some of the reasons why: The perfect study of the dial synchronizes also the rotation of numbers and letters in the opening on the dial.Do you often wonder what the actual value of antique pocket watches is?Here's an up to date reference of pocket watch prices taken from sales on e Bay that will help you to research real time prices. A Rare French Vernis-Martin Pocket Watch Holder Vitrine c.1880 A rare French pocket watch holder with Vernis-Martin panels in very good all original condition.

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