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I don’t know if there’s a connection between introversion and that kind of sensitivity but I can see that it might be possible.

Originally posted by JS17 Kind of a spin off from the Strong Women thread. What constitutes normal sensitivity verses over sensitivity?

What kind of men can handle overly sensitive women? If a women is very emotional and demanding you handle them with laughter and by being casual unless the situation calls for seriousness.

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Net is a complete list of ways to get to cute nerves dating quotes know the importance.

The biggest problem with this is the track listing of men and what their.

What constitues normal sensitivity versuse over sensitivity?

Of course it is not that simple, but unless I get a shred of info that they are merely eager or something like that, I stay away from overly emotional women. Not sure I agree with Celcius Really need to define what sensitive is and what in your opinion constitutes overly sensitive. All they want is passionate sex and that's all the 'emotion' and 'sensitivity' they think women should have.

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