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However, anyone who crashed in its modern day equivalent, the Honda Jazz, would walk away with minor bruising.

Thatcham Research, the UK's accredited crash testing centre, crashed both cars to show how manufacturers have raised their game when it comes to safety.

The 1997 Rover was reduced to a mangled wreck after it hit a barrier at 40mph.

Any occupants would be facing life-changing injury or death after the head-on crash- even though the car was fitted with an airbag.

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Footage of the crashes shows the Rover 100's safety cell was 'severely compromised' while the driver's compartment of the Jazz remained intact.

The Rover's bulkhead collapsed and the driver's seat gave way, which would have left the driver with severe leg injuries.

The force on the driver's head was three times more than the head injury criteria high risk threshold.

One of two passengers in the back seat of the Rover would also have suffered life-threatening injuries.

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