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I can't believe all the positive comments I read on this train wreck of a TV show.

This round was eliminated beginning in the second season and four suitors are chosen before the show for the contestants to choose from, though Shlesinger's commentary was retained as an element.

Once four potential suitors are chosen, the two contestants then view video dating profiles to determine based on their personality and other personal details they reveal as to which two people they will choose to go on to the third round (starting with season two, the contestants' decision whom to excuse in this round and the additional eliminations shown thereafter are now only revealed once that person is announced to have been eliminated, instead of being first revealed by the contestants to Shlesinger shortly beforehand).

The series, which is primarily syndicated to stations affiliated with Fox, CW, CBS, My Network TV and to independent stations for broadcast in late fringe and access time periods, is the first dating series (along with Entertainment Studios-produced Who Wants to Date a Comedian?

, which debuted the same month) to air in first-run syndication since the 2006 cancellations of Blind Date and Elimidate.

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I can't even begin to say how lame those thought bubbles are!!! Let us just watch the frigging' date without the VERY lame comments in those thought bubbles.

Apparently the premise of this show is to illustrate how smug, egocentric, self-centered, and materialistic 20-somethings are.

If that's the case, it succeeds beyond its wildest dreams.

Planned Parenthood should use episodes from this show as training films; the moral would be, "If you have kids, they might turn out like this!

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