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As a matter of fact, it’s not okay to slut-shame anyone.While we're getting closer to making gender equality a reality, we're clearly not quite there yet.

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It’s their right to have female friends, but we shouldn’t have male friends because it makes them feel threatened.

When we’re dating someone exclusively, it means we’ve chosen them as our only romantic partner, but it doesn’t mean he has to be the only man in our lives.

According to a survey conducted by the University of North Texas, close to 50% of women said they would only date taller men.

I personally think 50% is a little modest, as many women probably lied on the survey.

When it comes to relationships, even the standard for how a date should unfold is shifting rapidly.

Back in the old days, a guy asked a woman on a date pretty formally, then arrived at her home (often greeted by her father) to pick her up, then escorted her to an event, meal or movie where he treated her to traditional chivalrous gestures.

Traditional heterosexual dating and courtship scripts (e.g., men pay for date, women take partner’s last name in marriage) reflect different standards of desirable behavior for women and men.

Analogous to sexual double standards, dating double standards reflect the greater agency and power traditionally accorded to men in society. undergraduates at a California public university (57 % female, ages 18–25 years-old) from diverse ethnic backgrounds.

We predicted dating double standards would be positively related to factors previously found to predict traditional gender roles (viewing popular media, religious attendance) as well as attitudes that reflect traditional views (conservative political beliefs, benevolent and hostile sexism, disavowing a feminist identity). Among these correlations, dating double standards were strongly associated with benevolent sexism (among women and men) and with hostile sexism (among men).

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