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The art of clock making in the earlier centuries proved to be a very recognized skill.

As such, the clocks of those days were highly elaborate and intricate and much more precise compared to what we have today.

Antique lantern clocks were not perfectly accurate; they commonly lose or gain about 10 to 15 minutes daily.

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There are several components that divide grandfather clocks onto its category.

Due to the increasing long case clocks varieties that are emerging, they are further broken down onto other means of classifications.

Vind adressen van prominente dealers en restaurateurs en meer dan 1000 antieke klokken, horloges en barometers.

Kostenloze informatie over historische uurwerk en instrumentmakers.

Antique clocks are one of the most widespread collectible items that even collectors of this age and era still sought after.

The passion for these antiques continues to dominate even with the rise of today’s mechanical and technological leaps that concerns clocks as well.

Find more than 1000 important antique clocks,watches, instruments and barometers for sale, search historical makers and names.

The Horological Foundation is a non profit organisation.

Back in 1697, Huygens, a Dutchman, built for the first time ever a clock with a pendulum.

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