Dating child prodigy

Living behind the Iron curtain in Hungary during the 1980's and 90's, chess opened up the opportunity for Judit and her family to travel which would never have been there otherwise.

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The relationship doesn’t stop with the competition, she said.

“We are committed to building on this momentum and keeping the conversation going,” Eskandanian said.

Determined to help fellow blind people read, he consulted with the French military about a system of writing they were developing (for soldiers to use on the battlefield at night) that didn’t require sight, and spent three years creating his system of communication. Although, he never really explained why it’s used in parking garage elevators.

chess player most people on the planet can name, Bobby Fischer won the World Chess Championship at the age of 14.

“It’s unhealthy to emphasise any one industry,” said Audrey Tang, Taiwan’s digital minister.

“Stop seeing Taiwan as a closed world or a closed ecosystem and try to see it as more of a stage and then establish the necessary links.” Semiconductors, a staple for Taiwan, might link to the hardware used in virtual reality and to the Internet of things, Tang said.

The internet of things – use of smart devices to control ordinary appliances – will see compound annual growth of at least 20 per cent from 2015 to 2020, when business spending will reach US7 billion (HK trillion), Boston Consulting Group forecasts.

Global revenue from virtual and augmented reality will grow from less than US billion this year to US0 billion in 2020, American consultancy Digi-Capital says.

So the teenager (then still 16) decided he wanted to create something that would help diagnose concussions.

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