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They’re for anyone interested in discovering new ways to feel sexual pleasure.

Let’s just say the list is composed of values, characteristics, vain/looks, and fun quirky things.

I honestly think, at the ripe ole age of 18 (never having a boyfriend or anything) I had a good sense of what I wanted in a man.

I will say, these 5 were not on the original list, but consider critical at this stage in my life. My immediate thought is that it’s hindering, however I think it is helping me get to the ‘right one’ without wasting time, energy, feelings, with the ‘wrong ones’. I have 5 values that I look for in a man: where his faith at, if he has emotional intelligence, how communicative he is, and if he’s nurturing and grateful.

That being said, I haven’t found men to meet my dating requirements! This list has gotten more defined over time, and the requirements have shifted to values instead of a “checklist” mentality.

And some people – well, their list looks like a freaking sushi menu If you’re single, you may have found yourself wondering if your list of dating requirements is holding you back at all.

In fact, you may have had well-meaning (but seriously obnoxious) friends and family members tell you to stop being so picky. We asked Laura, Amanda, Lisa, Nycole, Chloe, Brittany and Nick to tell us a little bit about their personal dating requirements – and find out how they really feel about dating checklists. It started as a joke my freshmen year in college (pre-Facebook days! It was a typed list based on a point system – 65 total points, and a guy needed 50 to be considered.

Two of my most popular articles (10 Guys You Should NEVER Date — 10 Girls You Should NEVER Date) sparked some interest and discussion across the Christian blog-o-sphere.

It’s been fun to watch the response, and I totally connect with those of you who’ve emailed me to ask: The truth is, there’s absolutely no way to narrow down the kind of guy you SHOULD date into a few generic categories.

): The Jesus Lovin’ Guy There’s definitely a difference between a “God-fearing” man, and a Jesus-loving man.

When a man is in love with Jesus, you can tell, because it overflows out of everything he says, and does – and impacts how he lives his life.

Remember that sex toys aren’t made for certain kinds of people; they’re made to stimulate nerve endings.

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