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At one stage Aslam was training to represent his country in the U-19 World Cup.Spurred on by his friends, he began to sing in public during his days at PICS, where he met guitarist and talented young composer, Goher Mumtaz.

MAIOR School is repeating its success again this year!

A few days after all seats were opened for the scheduled courses, every last slot was sold out.

Computer demonstrations, contributed papers, and meetings of TDWG Interest/Task Groups will be accommodated as fully as possible.

If the number of contributed papers exceeds the space available, authors may be asked to contribute posters.

The users connect to the TDC, usually by phone, and ask for a ride specifying their requirements: the starting and ending locations of the intended journey, the pick up and drop off times, the number of seats required.

Based on user requests and available resources (i.e.After performing at their college and at various restaurants, they eventually formed a band named 'Jal' – an Urdu/Hindi word which means 'water'.is the capital city of the Italian region of Tuscany and of the Metropolitan City of Florence.buses), TDC operators, assisted by suitable software tools, ascertain the service proposal(s) which best fit into the state of the service (i.e.The primary theme of TDWG 2013 is We are soliciting symposia and individual presentations that address the theme, but any contribution addressing the management, integration, and interoperability of biodiversity information will be entertained.Posters are strongly encouraged as a means of presenting ongoing innovative activities in the community for which program time may not be available. You can now see the abstracts for accepted presentations at Conf/presentations.

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