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At the price, I always assumed it was laminated, but by the sound, I could swear it's solid, at least the top. There was a lower priced Fender Contemporary Squier model produced as well.The System II tremolo system was designed by John Page, Chip Todd and Charlie Gressett.

dating and seriel numbers for used ibanez guitars-74

In the ’90s, he released an instrumental album called on Steve Vai’s Favored Nations label, and more recently recorded parts for the Guitar Hero video-game series.

He also produces audio and video demos for manufacturers including Dunlop, Orange Amplifiers, Line 6, and Tech 21.

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Doug Doppler recalls how, at age five, his first swimming lesson fell on the same day as his first guitar lesson.

Even lesser known brands and models in good condition command big price tags.

Each guitar is forged in different ways, and counterfeit guitar makers are learning new ways to correct their mistakes every day.

“He sent me a 540S, and soon after, I started putting together an arsenal of S-series instruments.” The guitar offered enough intrigue that Doppler dug a bit deeper into the company’s lineage. ” Doppler has indeed taken the slide, amassing one of the baddest Ibanez collections around, complete with the highlight pieces lusted after by all Ibanezheads, including the much-ballyhooed “korina trio.” We recently spoke with Doppler about the fine points of collecting what are arguably the preeminent Japanese-made electric guitars.

His first vintage Ibanez was a model 2351 straight from the “lawsuit era” of the ’70s. How did you teach yourself all you needed to know about Ibanez instruments before you started collecting them?

I’ve been a member of the forum for some time, and those guys really know their business.

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