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The Cayman Rise extends from southeastern Cuba along the northern margin of the Cayman Trough toward Costa Rica and resulted from Paleocene to Eocene island arc formation with associated volcanism along an extinct subduction zone.

Due to the Islands' location, the Cayman Islands do get Earthquakes.

Trade data can help track economic growth, and is useful for reviewing and forecasting Government revenue from imports.

ECONOMIC REPORTS - The Quarterly and Annual Economic Reports are produced by ESO to provide an overview and analysis of the Cayman Islands economy for the year or quarter in review.

This information allows us to measure the development of our society and make decisions about the future need of our country.

OVERSEAS TRADE REPORT - Trade statistics are produced on information provided by the Cayman Islands Customs Department from importers, exporters and their agents.

The islands are located on the Cayman Rise which forms the northern margin of the Cayman Trough.

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