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Mark Wahlberg nods once, then blinks, and asks, “How was that? ” He turns, walks back into the shadow and smoke, stands there, waits.

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His first multi-stage race win came in 2013, in the Tour of Oman, followed by wins in the Critérium International, the Tour de Romandie, the Critérium du Dauphiné, and the Tour de France.

As a defending champion, he began 2014 by again winning the Tour of Oman, followed by a repeat victory in the Tour de Romandie.

For pay-per-view watchers—in other words, all of us except the precious few who could afford the many thousands of dollars it cost to be in the MGM Grand Garden Arena that night in May—the first thing we saw before the big fight, after the preliminaries, before the ring walks and the cameras panning to the celebrities in the audience, was Mark Wahlberg walking out of the smoke and shadow, his familiar drawn, beseeching, hungry face staring at us and uttering with action-hero solemnity a kind of beat poem for the pugilistic set: “A rivalry, deeper than competition, so personal it transcends sports, it speaks to the very core of human nature.” He goes on in this macho cadence for more than 30 seconds.

It’s no easy task to stand there and spout this steroidal copywriting, but Wahlberg does it with aplomb, never wavering, in two quick takes.

Marriage is a lifetime commitment that many people enter into with a specific set of hopes, expectations and dreams.

Although lots of people are happy with their spouses for many years, others come to regret their decision and end up in divorce court within a few years of getting married.

This year I emphasized three points that pro-lifers should consider: Our battle is a spiritual one.

With the undeniable evidence of science, especially the ultrasound, there is no doubt that the child in the womb is a human being.

Comments on the Summit ranged from; exciting and informative to inspirational.

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