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Now, the bikes, biographies, photos March 27th Project Update: The bricks are now installed on the 3rd quarter (museum side) of the wall!

Cultivated over years of sustainable trail development by a vibrant culture of local mountain bikers and trail builders, Squamish is home of some of Canada's best mountain biking trails.

There are trails here for all ages and abilities that are easily accessible for those who live life on two wheels.

Technical singletrack, long rock slabs, fast, loamy descents, jump trails, climb trails and pump tracks, Squamish is a mountain biker’s paradise.

Squamish's local mountain bike culture is friendly and welcoming, and there are a wealth of resources for riders both new to the sport and new to the area.

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Follow these expert tips and you’ll be getting in on the Tinder action. Now we know it’s tempting to post one of those exciting adrenaline junkie-looking pictures that you found via Google Images because you think it embodies your vibe and will entice your prospects into swiping right, but don’t! What do you think the person will say when he or she finds out that the picture you posted of some person mountain biking off a cliff ledge, isn’t really you! Especially if this person happens to be a ”REAL” mountain bike junkie! Think about the lighting, what you’re wearing, your body language, the background, and the image you’re trying to project.It is probably one of the best known areas for riding in Squamish, made famous by the construction of the popular trail Half Nelson.The Marin Museum of Bicycling is a premier bicycle history museum and cultural center in Fairfax, California.Forget using those lame emoji icons to describe yourself; everyone else does that.Fitness Singles is the best club to meet Mountain Biking Singles!Sure, posting a pic of you and your friends saying cheers might sound like a good idea, but it’s not. You don’t want your best friend to be stealing the show, so always make sure that you’re the one grabbing the attention in your Tinder profile pic. So, we know you’re obsessed with biking (because your profile is plastered with bike pics), but make sure to let people in on other facets of your personality. STEP 4: USE POWER WORDS Remember what we said earlier?

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