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He has one of Adult Cinema's most recognizable and copied styles: the girls eyeing the camera almost constantly for an intimacy that certainly fits this "cyber sex" premise.Recall that these films were shot during porn's "Interactive" fad, in which many companies like Metro, VCA, Vivid and even Adam & Eve suddenly added "Interactive" to their company name, only to abandon it soon after.It is a deliberate tactic to try to evade detection by authorities like the AFP, because it leaves little to no digital trail."Certainly we're seeing an alarming trend of Australians that are engaged in this activity," AFP Assistant Commissioner Justine Saunders told 7.30."It's no different to you or I, if we were going on and communicating between each other on Face Time or Skype where you're on a conversation with another person and there's no record of the conversation you're having during that time."Despite that, the AFP is having some success targeting live-streaming abusers.7.30 has been told the inside story of an extraordinary international crime-fighting operation that nabbed multiple live-streaming abusers and rescued children from harm.

Antonio Adamo's "Virtualia", spanning six volumes on DVD (mostly out-of-print) is typical of his epic work: full of interesting ideas, striking design work, but ultimately unsatisfying.

He suffers fatally from the familiar Adult Industry syndrome: over-reliance on the Prime Directive.

The story line in which she is embedded does not bear close scrutiny, as Brad fumbles his way through stock sci-fi set-ups reminiscent of 1950s B pictures, only poorly realized by porno actors.

He was years away from graduating to big, big Wicked budgets for his super-productions, so the lameness of the sets and SPFX here is glaring.

Voyeurs can get something out of ogling the ladies in Brad Armstrong's "Cybersex", shot over 20 years ago before the actor-turned-director hit his stride, but his treatment of a potentially interesting subject is poor.

In terms of his overall career, I would classify this as juvenalia, perhaps promising but not ready for prime time.

Philippe Dean starts the saga in the lead role of Damian, searching for Virtualia and her Temple hdqts., in atmospheric location footage shot in Spain, while abstract futuristic sets (depicting 2018, reality nearly having caught up with the story) were used in Budapest studios.

Some other terrific beauties including Nikki Anderson, Loureen Kiss and Asian Shan share the screen with Lynn for eight hot sex scenes, and just as things get interesting, Adamo falls back on his PD crutch -let's get on with the mechanical sex.

Anna Malle is oddly cast as a lab technician, while Jessica James provides some respite from the top-heavy Crystal in a fantasy sequence.

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