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You've heard the term "cuckold" and know it's "kinky" ... So, I'm here to answer your curious questions about this kinky ancient marriage practice: Q. This knowledge and tolerance of the wife's activities with other men makes the husband in such relationships a "wittol," properly speaking. Cuckold refers to the fact that the man being cuckolded is the last to know about his wife's infidelity. My job as a Clinical Sexologist and Intimacy Counselor is writing educational articles that help enlighten the public about sexuality in all of its forms.You'll also find we have thousands of adverts placed by cuckold wives looking for real men to give them the sex and attention that their husbands cannot provide!

In some marriages, the husband may even wear a male chastity belt, further allowing his wife control over his orgasm.

Cuckolding takes the foundation of a stable, loving marriage and extends it to include one or more males who play a specific, sexual role within the relationship.

The image right is an excellent example of a loving, cuckold marriage dynamic. The wife is being touched, reassured, and pleased by both men and in return, is pleasing them both - just in different ways.

Inviting another male into the marriage exercises and builds the marital bonds just as physical exercise does for fitness.

To continue gaining perspective on the basic elements of this lifestyle, take the curated tour of articles.

Oh for the love of a man who wants to watch me fuck other men. As I squeeze him between my legs and imagine his tortured confusion.All the time his other hand fondling me – running up under my shirt and squeezing my tits and exploring my body the way you usually do.” A moan. Feeling undeserving of love and so only able to enjoy it if they know it comes with the promise of betrayal. They get off on the pure visual of it: watching two people fuck and knowing exactly what one of them likes – like a personalised, explicit live show performed just for them. In a world that teaches us that sex is precious – a gift you give to those you love and keep hidden from everyone else – then there’ll be excitement in watching that rule be broken. He might cry even as he’s coming, and eventually that picture is what pushes me over the edge while we’re fucking.For a guy whose idea of heaven is the gentlest of touches on his aching erection as he leaks precum and sheds a solitary tear while I’m fucked rigid by a faceless other. When I’ve discussed cuckolding with people before, some have turned their nose up at the idea that it represents weakness – a lack of self-esteem and a desire to be ‘punished’ for imagined failings.Cuckolding is one of the hottest fetishes, and one of the most dangerous, and I love it for both of these reasons, along with the simpler explanation that it’s a guilt-free, enticing shag with someone brand new and different. Who struggled with his desire to keep and hold me, at the same time as his throbbing need to hear stories of me getting used by other men. Long, slow, trembling shags during which I’d whisper in his ear… He pulled my knickers down in the hallway and slapped me with it. That those who get turned on by the idea of their partner fucking someone else are somehow constantly miserable. Guys I know who’ve enjoyed it cite a range of reasons why it’s hot: they get off on their partner’s pleasure.Related: How To Kink Things Up In The Bedroom Without Freaking Him Out In the fetish cuckolding subculture, the female is typically sexually dominant while the man takes on a submissive role, only becoming involved with her or her lover when the wife permits it — sometimes he remains completely celibate in the marriage altogether.

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