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The purpose of this Policy is to ensure California State University, Long Beach (University) compliance with Procurement Credit Card program by providing guidelines for the appropriate use of the card and authority for various transactions and activities for authorized business purposes.

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[email protected]: FO3-312Phone: (562) 985-5192Office Hours Spring 2017: W pm-pm & by appointment Research and Teaching Focus: Education and employment, gender, migration, urban anthropology, ethnohistory, tourism, Mexico; Mexico, Latin America Webpage: Jayne Howell Alexandra Jaffe Professor & Grad Advisor Email: Alexandra.

[email protected]: (562) 985-2594Office: PSY-114Office Hours Spring 2017: Research and Teaching Focus: Minority language planning and politics, language ideology, anthropology and education, bilingual education, language in the media, orthography and transcription, sociolinguistics Webpage: Alexandra Jaffe Wendy Klein Associate Professor Email: W.

Description: Program Dates: July 3-25, 2017 Course: A/ST 490: Advanced Vietnamese Studies Approximate Travel Cost: $2,100 (includes airfare)—does not include meals and optional field trips Tuition: $897 Insurance: $85 Course Description:  ;[...] Description: Program Dates: January 2 - 22, 2017 Program: ANTH: Archaeological Fieldwork (Pre-requisites: ANTH 405 or ANTH 448 or equivalent) Approximate Travel Cost: $500 (includes accommodations and meals) This program is partially subsidized through Inst ructionally-Related[...] Description: Program Dates: June 25 - July 29, 2017 Course: ART 300: Art, Adolescence, and the Child (GE, capstone) Approximate Travel Cost: $3,900.00 (includes airfare, accommodations, breakfast and dinner plus all excursions) Tuition: $ 897 Insurance:[...] Description: Program Dates: May 31 - July 7, 2017 May 31-June 16, 2017—online class in the U. June 19-July 7, 2017—service learning in Cambodia Course: ART 375: Art and Social Action in Cambodia (GE, capstone) Approximate Travel Cost: $1,745 [...] Description: Program Dates: March 17-26, 2017 Course: ART 423: Graphic Design IV (Advanced Topics) Approximate Travel Cost: $TBA Insurance: $85 Course Description: This is a unique international course that requires short-term study abroad.

The [...] Description: Travel Dates: June 10-26, 2017 Course: ART 499A: Special Studies in Ceramics Approximate Travel Cost: $3,700 (includes airfare) CSULB Tuition: $897 Insurance: $85 Course Description: This is a Summer 2017 course with a culminating expe rience[...] Description: An acknowledged leader at the forefront of research in biotechnology, computer science, chemical combustion, human rights, material sciences, process chemistry and psychology.

This card can be used for the following 3 Business Units: The mechanism for authorization to purchase utilizing the Procurement Credit Card will be based on Campus Delegation of Authority.

(Reference the Delegation of Purchasing Authority for details).

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Reports to the Office of the Title IX Coordinator may be related to incidents which did not take place on Clery defined geography, therefore the statistics in this report may not coincide with Clery statistics in the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report.

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[email protected]:(562) 985-1301Office: F03-303Office Hours Spring 2017: By appointment only Research and Teaching Focus: Urban and applied anthropology, social welfare, public policy, gender and sexuality; North America, Southeast Asia.

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