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But around 9 p.m., Measure 2C, which gives the city permission to create a municipal electric utility, took the lead.Cheers and upward-thrusting thumbs burst from the crowd.

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With a local utility, Boulder could choose its power sources, boosting the city's ambitious efforts to shrink its carbon footprint. "For a municipalization campaign to go ahead based on that kind of worldview is something new," says Paul Fenn, an energy consultant for the city.

Xcel Energy, which operates in eight states, actually leads the nation's utilities in wind power and is on track to meet Colorado's 30 percent renewable energy standard by 2020, the second-highest in the country.

When she tried to leave, Wilkins said, Lane began hitting, pushing and choking her.

Lane then hit her over the head with what turned out to be a lava lamp.

Dynel Lane (pictured) reacts as a tape of her talking with a detective is played during her trial.

She is being charged with the attempted murder of Michelle Wilkins after allegedly cutting the pregnant victim from 'hip to hip' and removing the fetus The Colorado woman, who faked her pregnancy before allegedly cutting a pregnant victim from 'hip to hip' and removing the fetus, was heard in court on Friday saying, 'I got a knife and I cut the baby out'.

Testimony in the trial began Wednesday and is expected to continue into next week.

Wilkins testified she went to Lane’s home in response to a Craigslist ad offering free maternity clothes. She and Lane chatted for more than an hour before Lane took her to the basement to look at baby clothes.

-- Police in Boulder are investigating two armed robberies connected to online posts on Tinder and Craigslist.

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