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sends me what looks exactly like Sarah Paulson's costume from “American Horror Story” Freak Show edition and feels like something they use to harness horses. This will at least be fun to tell people I tried doing, unlike the time I ate clay like Shailene Woodley (at least it was free).

Corset/ waist training expert, and author of , Vanna B., tells me that the first two weeks in which you break in the corset (yes, it's stiffer than Grandma's wooden clogs) are called “seasoning” — just like you are a nice piece of meat stuffed inside a sausage casing and being primed for cooking. Take some “Before” photos (why do I always volunteer myself up for pain? Is this what my parents had in mind when they said to push myself?

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Featuring halters, tubes, tank styles, and spaghetti straps, these corset tops make room for self-expression through fashion, enabling you to purchase the specific style you fancy.

The designs also vary in that some are basic while others are sequined all over.

Impact of Corsets on Health In reference to women’s dress before the 19 century, Sichell (1977) states that the human body inside these costumes was subjected to “tortuous aids; nothing was natural or simple, shoulders, waists, stomachs, and hips were constructed, corseted and padded, wired, distorted, molded into man’s fashionable style” (p. According to Lee (2003), women at that time were slaves to fashion and were certainly misguided souls when it came to the wearing of extreme corsets (p. There are many anecdotes of women gasping for air and fainting because of their tightly laced corsets.

The corset was undoubtedly a danger to health as it pushed against the rib cage, dug into the stomach, and likely put pressure on the organs. Dickinson, professor emeritus at Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine, theorized that close-fitting clothing could cause a painful condition known as endometriosis that strikes about 5.5 million American women.

There are those heavily embellished with lace while some are simply striped.

Others are boldly printed and then there are those that are heavy on accents such as ruchings and pleats.This collection showcases several styles and kinds of affordable corset tops that are sure to amp up your wardrobe, not to mention your get-up in various events.This set gives you a bevy of choices of both overbust and underbust corsets of different styles, colors and fabrics.The top parts of the V are shaped to cover the shoulder blades.On one side of the corset there are hinges for opening and closing it and a lever at the bottom for holding it in place when worn (p. It is a relief to hear Tortora & Eubank (2010) state that although there are examples of steel and iron corsets in museums dating back to the 16century, there is no evidence that they were worn as fashionable dress (Tortora & Eubank, p. Evolution of Corsets The precursor of the corset was likely the tightly laced cote worn by women of the Medieval Period (5 centuries).The cote is an outerwear bodice with two layers of fabric stiffened by glue (Tortora & Eubank, 2010, p. In the early 16th century, when corsets first made their appearance in Europe, they were constructed out of stiff material but later on steel stiffeners were sewn into the lining. In the 1500-1600s, when fashion dictated rigidity in dress, European women donned a corset or bodice created to flatten the curves by compressing the stomach and the breasts until they almost disappeared.

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