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In such cases the obvious step is to conclude a framework agreement to reduce the number of suppliers and profit from economies of scale.

Having an insight into corporate group structures provides a clear overview of what you spend in the entire family structure, throughout the corporate group.

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To identify consolidation possibilities in your supplier database you need additional information and knowledge about your suppliers.

You can use it as a basis for clarifying where you can make savings and how to reduce the number of suppliers.

D&B's information will enable you to discover possible savings on your total spend and to create a central preferred-supplier purchasing database.

Learn how to design databases, secure databases, and keep them in tip-top shape, with SQL Server 2012.

An insight into your suppliers' activities codes (SIC or SBI) could therefore reveal possibilities for consolidation.

You may also have concluded an agreement with several sister companies.

You'll then learn about three consolidation methods: using a large single instance, using a multiple-instance server, and using virtualization.

The benefits of each consolidation method are explained as well as the risks associated with them, plus some considerations and practical experiences.

There are many reasons for consolidating SQL Server but license and hardware cost reduction have always been primary drivers for organizations to consolidate.

In this course, SQL Server: Consolidation Tactics and Best Practices, you'll start with general considerations for consolidation that should be thought about and completed before any planning, as well as ways that to identify consolidation candidates' recommendations for which type of servers to consider consolidating first.

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