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In a 2016 interview with Vlad TV, Bow Wow explained the reason for the break up saying, "I started being in the streets a lot, clubbing, not wanting to go home. "I think sometimes when people have their own insecurities it allows them to act out of character.I've been betrayed," Glen Cove native Ashanti said in 2015 during an appearance on the Meredith Vieria Show one year after the couple split.Katy Perry and "Billionaire" singer Travie Mc Coy dated for two years, until December 2008.

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I feel you've had a long day with all of the press. But it's a beautiful Sunday and I'm happy to be talking to you. I've had time to start and almost finish reading "The Hunger Games." Oh, great. Here's my takeaway from "American Reunion": Maybe I'm getting old, but I enjoyed the poignant scenes with these characters more than the comedy. So, when you were approached for this one, was there any feeling of, "Hey, screw you." Never. Because back in 1998 when we made the first movie, we were all just hoping to get a summer job.

And then "American Pie" did well and all of us were ushered into acting careers based on the success of the very first movie.

Actually, the entire original cast has returned for what turns out to be the Class of '99's 13-year reunion. Unfortunately, that was a creative decision made way above my pay grade, my man. As not only a willing participant in these movies, but also as an audience member.

In our conversation, Klein discussed his absence from the third film, the ups and downs of being an actor in Hollywood and, yes, looked back on his leaked audition for "Mamma Mia" that took the Internet by storm. Well, there's nothing better than putting your feet up on a Sunday afternoon and grabbing a good book. Oh, I was under the impression that it was your decision not to do "American Wedding." Yeah, a lot of people assume that. Had there been a part there for me to play and a part for Mena [Suvari] to play and a part for Tara [Reid] to play, we absolutely would have jumped on board. And I cherish my moments in the "American Pie" franchise and I'm really grateful that I get to be a part of it.

See More: You'll Never Guess Which Former For their wedding florals, the couple kept things rustic and simple to complement their stunning surroundings.

"Laina and Chris wanted to stay true to the nature of Montana and chose native grasses, sage and flowers in a soft color palette to reflect the beauty of Montana," their wedding planner Jennifer Horsley of Habitat Events said. Some celebrity relationships come and go so quickly, it can be hard to keep track.Ciara and Bow Wow were one of the hottest couples of 2005, but parted ways just one year later. We just went our separate ways." Singer-actress Ashanti and rapper Nelly dated for 10 years beginning in 2004.Johnny Depp began dating supermodel Kate Moss in 1994 before splitting four years later.Moss later told Vanity Fair that their breakup was hard, saying, "There's nobody that's ever really been able to take care of me. 3 With Husband Alec Baldwin Chris and Laina — who works as a travel agent — married in August 2015 in Montana after dating for three years.

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