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What effects would these post-coital disclosures have on relationship satisfaction?

And she certainly had no idea about the hints she was putting out: After all, girls’ high schools and colleges are petri dishes for young lesbians.

Her usage of “girlfriend” doesn’t make me very gay, I mean, er, happy.

Ms Mc Lean added that parents should be researching games online and checking in with parenting information on the website of Australia's Children's e Safety Commissioner.

Sex Bracelets are back – and kids are using them with out their parents knowing what they are doing.

Australian cyber safety expert Susan Mc Lean told ABC Radio Darwin the news report came as "no surprise".

Roblox was founded more than a decade ago but in recent years has ramped up its global presence and accessibility on various devices, with its developers today claiming 44 million active players.

The Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Connecticut, became interested in investigating the role of pillow talk in relationships as people have such different experiences of it.

Many people said they open up about their feelings to a partner after sex regardless of the length of a relationship – a time period described as the post-coital time interval (PCTI) by researchers Daniel Kruger and Susan Hughes.‘Why were some people sharing their innermost feelings, even when they knew the relationship had not yet reached that level?

So here’s a thought: Straight women shouldn’t be allowed to use the word.

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