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Then there are the crocodiles: dainty, snout-nosed freshwater ones and the implacable, huge saltwater breed, whose yellow eyes express something more chilling than wickedness or hunger – the sheer indifference of prehistoric creatures that can live a century or more, and are far more likely to find things to eat than things that will eat them.

I was assured that a box jellyfish or rogue buffalo was more likely to be lethal than a croc, and that the punishing tropical heat (up to 37C one afternoon in Jabiru) would be the most likely cause of death for a hapless townie.

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Rounding off the sexually charged evening, the housemates had fun playing Truth or Dare which saw Ellie Young straddle Kieran, whilst Chanelle pressed her breasts into Isabelle’s face.

This week all housemates face eviction following the shock mass brawl on Sunday's show.

They've been tasked with spreading Peace and Love as part of this week's Big Brother task.

Yet lust appeared to be firmly on the housemates minds as they enjoyed a plethora of saucy chats in scenes for Wednesday's show.

The first thing I notice about Australia's Northern Territory is that it seems to be more or less constantly on fire.

Columns of smoke hang in the huge skies, and the super-straight highways are littered with the corpses of animals that fled bush fires only to be hit by Winnebagos, SUVs or thundering road trains.

What is relevant is if someone feels that they are engaging in any sexual activity that they can no longer control and is likely to result in harm to themselves, a partner or partners, or to family and friends.

So, 'being sexually addicted' is not defined by the activity itself but by the possible negative effect on the individual's quality of life and on those around them.

Luckily Joe Quaranta, 55, was on hand to offer Kieran some words of wisdom, advising him to think of sex 'like a horse race'.

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