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On its popular #sleepingsquad hashtag, I can see about 20 sleeping teens at any given time.

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Because, you know, they're sleeping.)Some teens sleep with light music on. And some, eerily, have the distinctive soft breathing sounds of sleep. I have asked other teens (or younger — I talked with kids as young as 10) why they use You Now, a real-time video broadcasting app. Do adults really ever have a better answer than "I was bored" for anything we do?

I don't know exactly why a teen would broadcast themselves sleeping. The problem with asking a 13-year-old why they do anything is that it's quite difficult to get anything past "I dunno/I'm bored." But that's also the wrong question to ask. The aching desire to cut through the tedium of daily life with human interaction is the driving force of everything on the internet.

Chatrandom also has many other cool chat options like Random Chat which is the same as gay chat except you will be connected with all types of people.

The advantage is there are more users online and if you are looking for straight guys that may be curious this may be a good place to find them.

The half-life of an Internet meme is shorter than the life of a ripe avocado.

Double Rainbow Guy, Steven Slater, Bros Icing Bros–those have all come and gone faster than you can make guacamole.

But really, we don’t know what lays in the future for Chat Roulette.

More important is the distinct possibility that nobody cares what’s in the future for Chat Roulette.

Chat Roulette was the hottest fad on the Internet for a solid few weeks, only to lapse into an endless parade of eye-scorching man-parts with little of the joy it originally inspired.

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