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Only conservative Middle Eastern suitors will call on these maidens.

Two cousins in their early 30s watch as their “sell-by dates” approach.

There’s nothing sadder than a single woman in her 30s, or so says Mohamed Amin’s reactionary sudser “Egyptian Maidens.” While Amin asks auds to take comfort knowing that his desperate but pure virgins will at least go to heaven, it’s unlikely anyone outside fundamentalist circles will find his message reassuring.

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Whether it is a bike park, a Hopsiland or a panorama hiking trail - the summerday can not last long enough on the Planai! Right at the Planai gondola top station the kid's playground paradise - the Hopsiland - is welcoming you.

Here the famous ski rabbit Hopsi will show you his summer home including a lot of adeventures and numerous funny game stations.

ABSTRACT: Assistance of the operator’s walking ability while carrying a load is a challenging area in lower limb exoskeletons.

We implement an exoskeleton called the Unmanned Technology Research Center Exoskeleton (UTRCEXO), which enables the operator to walk with a load more comfortably.

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