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Around 15m people are registered to dating sites and some of those sites make no bones about the fact they serve solely as a conduit for people to meet for sex.In the 2012 i Date industry awards, many of the winning sites were hook-up services. As most men now work an average 20% more hours a week than seven years ago many simply don't have time for the old routine of catching eyes, buying drinks, offering dinner, then maybe, just maybe, getting a girl back. According to , women over 26 wait an average of three to four dates – or three weeks – to sleep with a man.The survey was completed by over 20,000 men and women.

I’d wank so much I’d end up exhausted and sore and Bart didn’t fair much better.

‘By the time I went to secondary school, my obsession with sex had really begun to take hold and I could barely concentrate on anything else.

I used to get into school over an hour early so I could use the school computers to have cyber sex with strangers in chat rooms without my mum finding out.

They weren’t necessarily sex chat rooms, I would find willing partners for dirty talk in anything from No Doubt to WWF forums, which somehow dates it.

The British national made no application for bail and the case has been adjourned until December 9.

“I’m just going to slip into something more comfortable,” she said, as she thrust a pink toothbrush into my hand and ushered me towards the bathroom.

Using the same 21-day period, I’m going to enlist the internet to speed up the process.

I want to know how this £2bn industry has moved the goalposts and whether it is easier for a man like me to score. Within only a couple of hours, Kelly opens up to me more than many of my ex-girlfriends.

So began my long and very, very complicated relationship with sex - part obsession and part crippling guilt.

‘Despite my mum’s ban from next door’s, my masturbation over that summer went from curious to furious.

The majority of the attacks allegedly took place in the 1950s.

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