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Sutherland was also reunited with Kim Raver, who played Jack’s kidnapped lover Audrey Raines until, at the end of the sixth series, Jack is forced to abadonon his quest to rescue her.Sarah Clarke, who played Nina Myers, the Number 2 of the LA Counter Terrorism Unit until apparently being shot dead by Jack at the end of series three, was also there.

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But he was joined at the party by a host of stars who were all during the long-running drama, which may provide a few clues about how the finale could pan out.

Among them was Leslie Hope, who played Jack’s first wife Terri Bauer until her apparent death in series one, and Carlos Bernard, who was Jack’s confidant Tony Almeida before seemingly being shot and betrayed by his former partner in the seventh series.

Also there were Annie Wersching (Agent Renee Walker, who was killed by sniper in latest episode) and Mary Lynn Rajskub, who has played Jack’s devoted helper Chloe O’Brian, since series three and Jon Voight who layed Jonas Hodges in an episode in series 7. The producers have refused to reveal anything about the plot.

Details of the final episode, which first airs in the U.

Fox’s “24: Legacy” isn’t going to try to make you forget the name “Jack Bauer,” but it is going to make sure you remember the name Eric Carter.

However, that doesn’t mean fans won’t be seeing at least one familiar face from the original “24”: Carlos Bernard will be making an appearance as Tony Almeida, “24: Legacy” producers revealed Saturday at New York Comic Con.That's a mutton sandwich of a different color.) As it turned out, Tony's death in season five was a short-lived affair, paving the way for a shocking comeback as a vengeful villain in season seven — and even in that case, Tony's loyalties were flexible.With Monday's episode of 24: Legacy, Tony has returned to the series from parts unknown for the third time, his appearance in a Blu-ray short notwithstanding.[The following story contains spoilers for the PM-PM hour of 24: Legacy.] When Tony Almeida (Carlos Bernard) returned to 24 the first time, it was under extremely explosive circumstances.Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) was under attack and called the only person he could trust to provide back-up: Tony, half-drunk and hopeless after losing his job and his marriage in the line of duty, now back in the field with guns blazing and redemption on the horizon.Gustave: When I nicknamed you “Bitchelle,” I didn’t think I’d ever have to talk to you. Yeah, I always wondered what happens when you’re sick but you still have to go on…and pretend to be just as healthy as you were an “hour” ago. [laughs] So I’m sure you’ve heard this before and it’s probably bugging you by now, but we’ve all been getting a serious lesbian vibe between you and… So then they said they were going to reedit those scenes and make them looks less sexual. You should have seen how excited the crew got when we were shooting those scenes. [laughs] They’re older, but they’re some of my best friends.

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