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SAFFRON at Kingston is ideally located on Kennedy Street, and has been meticulously planned to create a unique dining experience that is bound to impress and surprise When Saturday 8 July 2017 Who Age group: 30-40 Required: Ladies 3, Gentlemen 3 Details The golden touch of saffron - the most expensive and exotic spice in the world, is ever present in the restaurant, specializing in indulgent east Mediterranean cuisine.What diners hold dear is recognised - the inviting aroma of the combination of Greek, Turkish & Lebanese delicacies offering new taste sensations in the setting of fresh modern dcor and relaxed, friendly service.Why pay for online dating in Canberra when you can claim your free dating profile in seconds at Mingle2?

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Shopping, restaurants, a pumping nightlife with exquisite cuisine on every corner.

Originally, Canberra bore the indigenous meaning of 'meeting place' And so it's no coincidence that this city is host to one of the nations largest populations of single men and women.

Close your eyes, inhale the aromas, and let your mouth take in the flavors and texture that Saffron has to offer.

Where Name: Saffron Address: 31 Kennedy St, Kingston Web site: Phone: 6295 8839 Other Details: Fully Licensed and BYO Bottled wine only.

However, Canberra was built to settle the dispute of which city should be Australia’s capital, and it is named after the indigenous name for the site, Kanbarra, which means “meeting place”.

At e Harmony we aim to minimise the fuss, providing a modern-day meeting place for compatible Canberra singles who have similar beliefs and values.

Upon downloading Tinder for the first time I was overcome by how many people I came across on there that I already knew or that I had ‘friends in common’ with (thanks Canberra for the three degrees of separation).

My eyes were also assaulted with shirtless photos, crotch pictures and photos of cars.

This is Chinese with great presentation, slightly tweaked, fresh and light, with a clean eating approach.

Where Name: Cinnabar - Asian Fusion restaurant Address: 156/45 Eastlake Parade, Kingston Foreshore Web site: Phone: 61407038 Other Details: Directions: Chomolungma - the menu is short and focuses on a thali style meal with variations. The Nepali spiced gravy is absolutley delicious and the dahl smoky and flavoursome.

As an outsider my perspective of Grindr and Tinder is purely a way to hook-up, however several single friends who use these apps have assured me it’s not!

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