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The Netherlands, also known as Holland, is a western European nation that borders Germany and Belgium.It is a densely populated nation with a rich history, often symbolized by its popular windmills, tulips, and wooden shoes.Nicholas Eve - is celebrated annually on December 5 and is considered the eve of Santa Claus's birthday.

A rather comprehensive introduction on what is considered good manners in Germany can be found in the "Knigge".

The original Knigge is a book on manners by Adolf Freiherr Knigge written in the 18th century.

In areas of Italy, where the Americans stayed during the Second World War, there is a strong, although small, following of the sport of baseball.

In Italy, traditional music differs from region to region and is heavily influenced by its historical past.

As with many European countries, football (soccer) is the most popular sport in Italy.

Other sports such as rugby and volleyball are also enjoyed.Nowadays, there are a bunch of books with a similar title, adapted to newer times.Much of what is described in the Knigge doesn't necessarily apply to everyone, especially when dealing with younger people, the rules are far more relaxed.In the northern region of Italy, for example, music has strong Celtic influences, while the southern half of the country has hints of Greek and Arabic influences.Most traditional music is rich in religious meaning.[1] Sardinia is known for its distinctive polyphonic style of chanting.The Commission, through national events, provided a place where the survivors of these schools could share their tragic experiences in this system.

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