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Effective: Fall 2013 AF AM 101 (WMNST 101) (GH; US) The African American Woman (3) The sociological, historical, and political experiences of African American women, their roles and contributions to society.

Most churches do their best to capture this moment by recording the audio and making it available to the congregation.

While this audio has tremendous benefit, I’m sure you have discovered the intangibles that are present in a video recording: the body language, facial expressions, gestures, and cadence.

If you plan on using software to remove background noise in videos, first you need to understand how this software works.

And it works by identifying and isolating a noise and then doing it’s magic to remove that specific noise “fingerprint” from the entire video.

For some courses, a more detailed description may be available, accessible by clicking on the course number. Effective: Fall 2013 AF AM 083S (GH; US; IL) First-Year Seminar in African American Studies (3) Cultural, philosophical, economic, political, and global dynamics of the Black experience in the United States and the Diaspora.

AAS 100 (AM ST 160) (GH; US) Introduction to Asian American Studies (3) An introduction to the history, literature, and culture of Asian America.

Video doesn’t just provide a “richer” experience, it communicates more clearly to the viewer.

In this guide we’re going to look at what it takes to record video of your sermons for distribution to your congregation.

By adding video recordings to your sermon library, you’ll be able to offer your viewers all the benefits of visual communication: increased clarity, nuance, and understanding. The camera, of course, is the main piece of equipment you’ll need.

In the past a high-quality camera was an expensive purchase.

Maybe it’s minor or maybe it’s kind of destroying your entire video.

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