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We got jobs and partied and did all the things anyone our age would do but we had a kid so it made this harder but we got good paying jobs and we went on vacations and traveled and lived in a nice community. Now she is 18 and we decide have one last vacation with her before she heads off to college next year because she decided she wanted to go college like her friends, and we had no problem with that.

The problem is we do not know where to go for a vacation and as a joke Martha says "How about a nudist resort!


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" "Yes, I am serious lets do it." "Are you sure you thought this through? " "Okay then, its a done deal then." The next morning at breakfeast I address Martha that her mother liked the idea and that is where we are going for the last vacation.

Martha then said she was joking but I reply I know but her mother wants to go so we are going.

Smith and Sparks (1986) cite numerous examples of families who are nudists but who routinely hide that aspect of their lives for fear that others will find out and disapprove. [Sociology/anthropology, nude beaches, law] Fraley, M.

They fear disapproval because they do not have any base of scholarly research to support their beliefs that the body is a normal and healthy entity, and that non-sexual nudity is not harmful for children (and in fact is beneficial).

In the United States, research of this nature has historically been seen as unnecessary (the mildest reaction), intrusive (a common belief among educators is that children's sexuality is the purview of the parents alone), or evil (especially among individuals and groups subscribing to certain religious codes and dogma).

The impediments to research present a special problem for families and groups that do not share the prevalent views regarding sexuality in general, and nudity/modesty in particular.

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One On One instruction 5 per hour - 0 for 2 hours. John Shofner recently spent the weekend driving his bike at Oklahoma Mototsports Complex, his friend Logan Wimmer filmed the weekend.

Here is the video they created that embodies the fun they had at OMC.

" and walks off to her room laughing on the way because she thinks it is funny.

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