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For me personally, I feel that my parent's divorce has had an exceedingly negative impact on how I handle my relationships.

Even though we're still going strong 15 years later, I occasionally think back to that day and remember just how sad he made me then (not that he owed me anything--we were merely phone buddies!

I wish my parents would have had worked harder on their marriage to make it work, to set a good example, at least until my brother and I had grown up.

Introduce stepparents, half-siblings, etc., this really put my brother and I in the middle of a very confusing place, feeling unsure of where we belonged in the world.

It will only end if women stop pushing forward in their careers and their men continue.

Records indicate that eaglets have fledged eight times, most often two at a time.

The first of this year's eggs was laid at about p.m.

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You don't have to be a recent high school graduate to enroll or take classes there.

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