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An alleged decline in values, often represented in the media by families headed by single mothers, and especially black single mothers, has been blamed for a myriad of social problems, including unemployment, poor health, school drop-out rates and an increase in juvenile crime.Since the blame for these problems has been placed on "the breakdown of the traditional family," it is not surprising that many people have concluded that the logical solution to the problem is the reunification of the traditional family structure.

This DVD is included in my course below on American Citizenship. Assembled by Brother John several years ago, it will serve as the foremost collection of literary treasures exposing the Jesuit Order available today.

It took a massive amount of work to compose this great tool saving the Seeker of Truth much time and money in finding and purchasing these rare masterpieces written primarily in the 19th Century, which glorious Century for the peoples of Europe and Russia the Order termed “the Century of Disaster.” Price: $99.95 Shipping . Price: $24.95 Shipping Whore of Revelation: Mystery Babylon the Great DVD. This double DVD video set is the most thorough collection of the interviews and speeches of Malcolm X.

A must for your library to understand how American citizens under American Common Law became essentially “Romans citizens” under Roman Civil Law. Apart from the errors that George Washington was a Roman Catholic and that the American Revolution was a work of the Jesuits, Stuart gives many excellent facts further exposing the Society of Jesus. This CD contains a massive amount of work and valuable quotes to be used in publicly exposing the masters of the American Empire—the Company of Jesus.

How to return to American citizenship status is also partially described. The CD also includes Rome and the War by “Watchman,” a rare and illusive classic that exposed Rome’s fomenting of World War I between the two greatest White Protestant Empires in the world—Protestant World Empire of Great Britain and the Protestant Second German Reich. This Set of four DVDs contains a total of 1100 titles— gloriously rare books covering Romanism, Jesuitism and the Protestant Reformation.

After two summer workshops with ABT, she became a member of ABT's Studio Company in 2000 and its corps de ballet in 2001, and became an ABT soloist in 2007.

In addition to her dance career, Copeland has become a public speaker, celebrity spokesperson and stage performer.

The premise of this article is that attitudes toward the structure, value and function of families do not exist in a vacuum but are a reflection of context, perspective, and power. Because the role of black mothers is central to any discussion of public policy and the black family, this article also analyzes the intersection of racism and sexism in the current rhetoric.

This article begins with an exploration of the way in which values about family as well as the value of families themselves have often, in this country, been affected by the factor of race.

That study found that 64% of women surveyed reported experiencing at least one stressful life event (SLE), although the prevalence declined slightly over the study period.

PRAMS data for 2000–2010 were used to examine more recent trends and to determine if the prevalence of SLEs has continued to decrease in the past decade.

In 2010, based on data from 27 states, 70.2% of women reported ≥1 SLEs.

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