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This year, the event has been postponed a second time, but not for cannibalism concerns. ) Despite the change of plans, the aquarium will still be hosting an octopus-themed event tomorrow at noon. "Please come and see us release her at noon via live broadcast for Aquarium guests." This outcome is an even more perfect celebration of revolutionary love for the year 2017.

According to the Seattle Aquarium, "Raspberry," the female giant Pacific octopus chosen for our city's annual octo-fucking ritual, already had her eggs fertilized by another male—gasp! This morning, Raspberry started to drop her fertilized eggs just a day before her scheduled "blind date." As a result of this revelation, Raspberry will be ghosting "Pancake," her intended octo-suitor, and returning to Puget Sound to tend her eggs. After all, Raspberry is her own octopus; no way is she letting any human tell her what to do with her reproductive system.

When they weren't downing neon alcoholic concoctions and eating goose feet for dinner (no one knew what it was but cleared their plates anyway), they were throwing themselves around the dancefloor.

That was once the ceilidh caller had stormed off stage, barking that she'd 'seen better from primary-school children', which made way for more freestyle, bouncing-on-the-tables kind of moves.

The wife of John Legend stunned in her floor-length streamlined white dress from the famed Italian fashion house’s unreleased line, which showed off her figure and drew attention to her tiny waist thanks to the swirly style cut-outs.

And although Emilio Pucci is most notable for his trademark geometric and kaleidoscope prints (his Resort 2015 collection being no exception) Chrissy stuck to one of the simplest designs from the line with this plain white gown. And although you won’t be able to buy this dress online, you can check out Pucci’s current collection at Farfetch with a click to the right, or you can have a gander at the style edit below which includes our top picks from River Island, Solace London, AQ/AQ and more.

Style with metallic strappy sandals and a high shine box clutch bag to give the dress a further lift.

” is a two-way street, on which she and her clients can watch each other.

There’s such an over-saturation of sexual content out there.

You can see a boob and a butt anywhere, and you can see people doing whatever you want to that boob and butt anywhere, but it’s really one-sided.

Guys actually like to be seen, they like to know that they’re being watched and appreciated.

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