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Normally my View Models inherit from my View Model Base base class, which provides a Raise Property Changed method and, when in debug mode, uses reflection to check if the property name is valid.

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I have read a lot of questions that seemed very similar to this, but none of the answers worked for me.

The weird thing is that when I don't validate based on numbers, but just change all text typed in to be upper case, it works just fine. I first tried this in 4.5 and your code worked as written, but when I converted the project to 4.0, I could reproduce the issue.

I've implemented INotify Propert Changed and this event gets fired when I chang my variables value.

The UI does not update and the label does not change.

I haven't done much data binding in the past so I'm probably missing something but I haven't been able to find it yet.

Here is what I have for my XAML: Your issue is with the way you are binding the Data Context to the individual controls.

It just seems to not work when I try to not set the Property to the new value. After doing some searching, I found: WPF Textbox refuses to update itself while binded to a view model property, which details a workaround that references: Textbox getting out of sync with viewmodel property. NET 4.5 I'd suggest that, but of course it's not always as easy as that. NET 4.5, but it is not really an option for this project. I had already tried the first link, but I hadn't seen the second one. So, for anyone that sees this, implement it exactly as is mentioned in the first link, but make sure your Update Source Trigger is set to Explicit in your binding.

I'm having trouble getting a simple data bound label to update when an integer field is changed.

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