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we both speak cantonese and would like to meet other chinese speaking parents out there.... My husband is English and our little girl is learning both Cantonese from me and English from everyone else. I am thinking of sending my daughter when she is older, but my husband is worried that is will be too much work for her.

In Asia, there are lots of labels like these, based along racial lines.

Most trenchant of all, an entire kaleidoscope of words exist to refer to foreigners, more often than not whites: farang in Thailand, gaijin in Japan, mat salleh in Malaysia, gweilo in Hong Kong.

And I went on three dates with a New Yorker who proudly boasted of a book he kept that contained the names of every woman he’d ever slept with (with scores).

However, unlike the majority of Western women living in China, who watch bitterly as the egos of below-average men swell from the admiring looks of Chinese girls, I took an altogether different approach and chose to date Chinese men instead.

hiya my name is sau, im a bbc and so is my husband.

we both speak chinese cantonese and hakka and english.

In the latter, ‘gwei’ means ‘ghost’ — taken literally, it means a white person is not fully human.

Indeed, in many Chinese dialects, the idiomatic term for any foreigner, be they Indian or Ivorian or Irish, contains the ghostly ‘gwei’; only ethnic Chinese are constantly referred to as ‘rén’, which means ‘person’.

I'm British Born Chinese and my husband is from Hong Kong.

We've both moved in UK for 2 years and we find it difficult to socialise together in UK.

What I noticed was a lot of people were not from a British Born Chinese background and that most people can identify with the feeling of being displaced or between two cultures. I wanted to be British when I was younger, to be the status quo; then I wanted to celebrate the difference as I got older.

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