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I certainly don’t get that vibe from the science teachers or the English teachers. It is out of necessity in order to find those who are equally passionate. Traffic stopped in the ed Web community, and the in-person meeting which had peaked at about 20 people gradually shrank. The collection of tweeting and blogging math teachers we call the Math Twitter Blogosphere confuses me. If you had to go back in time and bet that one group of teacher bloggers would break out in these amazing spasms of collaboration, admit that wouldn’t have been your first or second guess. I sometimes wonder if some of my math colleagues even really like math.

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Making light of the recent imbroglio over Murray’s Spear painting of Zuma, he added: “At least we were both moved.” Viljoen’s road to Damascus moment as a collector happened in 1998.

A former Reserve Bank analyst and currently the chairperson of asset management company RE: CM, Viljoen was working as a fund manager at Investec.

Each of the efforts above boasts some talented contributors – shout outs to Lisa Henry, Julie Reulbach, Sam Shah, Raymond Johnson, Tina Cardone, and the communities they lead – but I find it hard to believe similarly talented people don’t exist in other content areas. There is much greater variation in what states and districts require for social studies or even science. In my own district, I found it hard to find anyone with much of a passion for trying new things…those who truly wish to invest the time for self-improvement.

I don’t have a blog of my own (yet) but have grown so much by blogs I’ve found via Pinterest, Twitter, and google searches. Almost all secondary math curricula include the same topics.

Personally, I want to change my practice, but on my own have struggled figuring out how to teach differently than I was taught.

Googling “[x] teaching blog,” I find in millions of results: I think of all the disciplines, math teachers are frustrated most with status quo.

He was recently appointed the medical-affairs adviser to the International Association of Laryngectomees, which represents people who have undergone laryngectomy and supports them in the difficult time after having had a laryngectomy for cancer of the larynx.

And he has been invited to give the keynote address at the association Claude W.

With a 10 percent commission price, the winning bidders, Atlantic City lawyer Pat Agnellini and Stanley Realty Co., will pay 3,000 for the three-story property.

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