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We also offer one optional subscription package, Super Powers.

Super Powers include a range of premium features and help user to get noticed and meet new people quickly.

According to The Guardian, Grindr boss Joel Simkhai was relentlessly badgered by women who wanted to a similar app to find straight men. You’re not going to have many urgent fumblings up against lamp posts with something that sounds like a John Lewis wedding list.

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With more than 200 million users around the world, Blendr is the best way to break the ice with more people around you. The 200 million people of Blendr are waiting to chat with you.

Blendr has been featured in: - Apple’s Staff Favorites - Great Free Apps - New and Noteworthy So, are you looking to find new people or what? Some Blendr features:- Browse hundreds of nearby singles - Profile customization: choose multiple photos of yourself, select your interests, and specify exactly what kinds of activities you want to do with the people you chat with - Add favorites and see who added you - Check out who visited your profile______The app is free to download and use.

When you’re a teenager, you are warned not to confuse sex with intimacy.

In this instance, Blendr (How many blades does it have? ) confuses the desire to have sex with the desire to have a relationship.

Location-based apps such as foursquare are creeping into the mainstream, Facebook is introducing Facebook Places, and soon we won’t think twice about posting our location to social networking sites.

Life, by some is lived online, and well, we gays, we love the internet… Aren’t we surprised that Grindr didn’t get there first? He professes that the reason they have not yet made a lesbian version of Grindr, is that they want to do it the right way – “we did not want to just release a lesbian version of Grindr as an exact copy of Grindr with the only difference being that it was for lesbians or straight men/women.

This isn’t a new topic to The Most Cake, Petit Fours discussed the lack of a ‘lesbian Grindr’ back in February of this year.

So it’s no surprise that Qrushr Girls reached us eventually.

For months people have been hankering for a straight version of Grindr that lets you meet up for sex at the drop of a GPS arrow.

So why is Blendr less about promiscuous no frills sex and more about sodding relationships?

A simplistic and creative app for combining images with masks and different blend modes on your i Phone and i Pad.

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