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Mentre Sting dichiara apertamente che "il rock è morto", apre i battenti un certo canale televisivo musicale chiamato Mtv.L’edonismo diventa stile di vita e il predominio dell’immagine inizia a divulgarsi a colpi di pettine e lacca.

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The Wendy's deal was a buzz-kill for the band's fan base, the suit says, causing one fan to comment in an online blog that after hearing "Blister in the Sun" in a commercial, "My ears perked up. Then my heart sank."The suit seeks a ruling declaring Ritchie half owner of the band's songs and an accounting of past and future royalties and unspecified damages. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Gano declined to respond to the claims in detail, except to say he wrote the band's songs with one or two exceptions.

Since then, Violent Femmes' popularity continued to grow, especially in the United States where the songs "Nightmares" and "American Music" cracked the top five on the Modern Rock Tracks chart.

Violent Femmes was founded by bassist Brian Ritchie and percussionist Victor De Lorenzo following the demise of the initial wave of American punk rock, and became a full-fledged band upon the arrival of lead vocalist and guitarist Gordon Gano.

According to Ritchie, he came up with the name of the group as a fake band name when one of his bandmates questioned his assertion that his brother was also in a band—he and De Lorenzo liked the name, so they used it for the rhythm duo they played in prior to Gano joining the group.

In its early days, the band frequently played coffee houses and street corners.

Here in your bedroom, ounce for ounce And, moma-mama, mo-ma, mo-ma mother I would love to love you, lover City is restless, it's ready to pounce Go here in your bedroom, ounce for ounce I've given you a decision to make Things to lose, things to take Just as she's about ready to cut it up She says, "Wait a minute, honey, I'm gonna add it up!

Fresh off their latest tour, the Violent Femmes are headed for a surprise gig in federal court.

Bassist Brian Ritchie sued lead vocalist Gordon Gano yesterday (Aug. District Court in Manhattan, also accuses Gano of trashing the band's reputation by allowing its signature hit, "Blister in the Sun," to be used in a Wendy's commercial.

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