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The ability to quickly change focus between distances is called “accommodation.” Crystalens is the only accommodating IOL.

Accommodation is done by the lens, with the ciliary muscles on each side of it controlling its curvature.

They increase its curvature for light coming from far objects, and flatten it for light coming from nearby objects.

The other alternative was monovision, which corrects one eye for distance and the other for near vision.

Accommodation Lost With the Lens The problem with removing the eye’s lens is that accommodative ability goes with it.

This is because light from far objects needs less refraction (bending) than light from near objects, in order to focus clearly on the retina.

Accommodation happens naturally and automatically as we switch our focus. IOLs to Mimic Accommodation The FDA has approved two multifocal IOLs (Re Zoom® and Re STOR™) and one accommodating IOL (Crystalens).

This condition develops when the eye's natural lens focusing system grows more rigid and can no longer move or change shape sufficiently enough to enable sight at all distances.

If you receive a standard IOL during your procedure instead of one that corrects or minimizes presbyopia, you may have great distance vision but likely would need reading glasses following cataract surgery.

The muscles push it forward for near vision, and pull back a little for distance vision.

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