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If the Social Security Administration does not receive the disability appeal from you within the established appeal period (sixty days from the date of your denial), your request for reconsideration may not be granted...unless one of two things happens.As with the request for reconsideration, the hearing request is submitted to the Social Security office where your claim was initiated.

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If you have to appeal your Social Security disability claim, it may take months or even years to get your disability benefits established.

It all depends upon what level of the disability appeal process you are approved at.

If you need to report a change in your earnings after you begin receiving benefits: If you receive benefits and are under full retirement age and you think your earnings will be different than what you originally told us, let us know right away.

For us to work out how much you will be entitled to you will need to give us proof of your income, savings and rent for the period you want to claim.

To qualify for total disability, according to the SSA’s definition, you must be completely unable to perform any work which you have ever performed in the past.

This means that you need to be unable to perform the work on your current or last job.

Social Security has a sixty-day appeal period that begins with the date of the decisional notice. the social security claims representative (the CR is the person at the social security office who has the responsibility for handling your claim), who receives your appeal request.

There is no absolute list of all possible situations in which a claimant may be considered to have a valid excuse for missing an appeal deadline; however, if the reason is rational and logical it will generally be accepted.

When we figure out how much to deduct from your benefits, we count only the wages you make from your job or your net earnings if you're self-employed. We don't count pensions, annuities, investment income, interest, veterans, or other government or military retirement benefits.

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