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Women of Australian Motor Sport (WAMS) was founded in 2010 to act as an interface with the FIA Women & Motor Sport Commission (WMC).

Our mission is to increase female participation in all disciplines and positions within motor sport in Australia.

As with accommodation, the choice of tours available from Port Douglas is amazing.

Objective: To document the prevalence of, and factors associated with, the use of complementary and alternative medicines (CAMs) for vasomotor symptoms (VMS) and other symptoms of menopause in Australian women aged 40–65 years.

Design, setting and participants: Cross-sectional questionnaire-based study of Australian women aged 40-65 years living independently in the community.

The adults continue to be seen on their favourite river roost and around last year's nest.

Cameras will be turned off in March and early April, as there will be a Controlled Burn in part of the Nature Reserve forest, home of our nest.

Another great planning and booking resource is located on the main street of Port Douglas called Port Tour Specialist.

Contact them via their website or call into their office in the Portico Shopping Complex.

Port Douglas offers a huge range of accommodation choices to suit your budget, from 5 star exclusive resorts such as the Sheraton Mirage to hotels, motels, condominiums, villas, apartments, backpackers, caravan parks, luxury private homes and more.

Rates vary according to seasons - we recommend that you search Google for "Port Douglas Accommodation".

An amazing choice of retail shops and galleries are located along the main street Port Douglas, too many to mention here.

Suffice to say that you can buy anything from a simple locally produced souvenir to famous designer clothing and luxury items.

The male has been roosting close by; ether behind the nest, above the nest or on a nearby tree. The ensuing "midnight duets" can probably be heard for miles around! The male brought a very large fish in during the day. Last evening, in the rain and wind, our new female laid an egg.

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