Andrew garfield and emma stone dating 2016

Rumors surrounding their relationship were fueled even more when the 32-year-old actor was reportedly spotted flirting with a mysterious brunette in London.The 27-year-old actress has also allegedly moved on from her relationship with Garfield and is flirting with her co-star Ryan Gosling.

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) But then, after their grocery expedition, they weren’t seen together again for two months, confounding a universe of nervous, anxious Stonefield fans (the more hard-core subset call themselves Gones).

But now, this weekend, lo, an update: the pair were photographed on Sunday, in Los Angeles .

However, a recent report from International Business Times seemingly refutes these breakup rumors between Stone and Garfield.

According to the publication, Stone and Garfield may still be together and are only keeping their relationship away from the public eye.

Beautiful, respected actors Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield tragically broke up with each other last year, but they were just spotted together in London laughing and smiling and looking so happy oh my God. Emma and Andrew were together for four years, during which time they adopted an adorable dog who I hope is still okay.

The Daily Mail has the exclusive pics of their reunion, which you can view here. It would be great if they got back together for the dog and also all of us.Did that mean they were “back together,” or just re-united for a very casual grocery shopping expedition among very platonic exes? (What, you’ve never gone searching for canned tuna with your dauntingly bearded famous ex?! Now that rumors are circulating that they might be back together, the internet is holding out hope that all our hearts will be mended. But if it's true, this could be the best news we've heard since...well, since they first got together.People are holding onto that small shred of hope that those pictures mean something more than friendship. "There is definitely still love for each other there.

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