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According to Media Take Out, the 40-year-old westcoast rapper was spotted out and about with 19-year-old model Dai Donyelle in Amsterdam over the weekend.

We took a peek at the Donyelle’s Twitter page and we can’t blame The Game for dating a girl 20 years younger than him.

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Up until now, their observations were virtually all that was known about the seismic potential of the southern Fairweather Fault on which the 1958 quake occurred.

To learn more about this hazardous fault using modern techniques, in June 2016, USGS geologist and project leader Rob Witter led a team on a 10-day expedition to the Fairweather Fault, only accessible by float plane, with the group camping outdoors along Crillon Lake during their field work.

Even after seven years of seeing doctors and searching for answers to our child’s neurological and behavioral challenges, I was still struggling to accept that I was living a life I’d never imagined or expected. Instead it’s brought special needs, financial loss, chronic pain and our family of six all suffering with the painful and devastating symptoms of Lyme Disease.

However, this is the life God has lovingly and purposefully chosen for me, and each and every aspect of it contains an eternal and glorious thread that’s woven into the tapestry of God’s sovereign plan.

Each family had a story — a heartbreaking, but beautiful, story.

I tried to give my full attention to each speaker, since this was our first time attending a special needs support group, but I found my mind spinning with doubts, denial and fears.

One of those threads weaves in the truth that circumstances we never would have chosen for ourselves may be the very platform God uses to bring the hope and comfort of Jesus to others hurting in our sphere of influence.

For example, while I never would have chosen to be thrust into the world of special needs and Lyme Disease, it’s allowed my family the unique opportunity to offer the comfort and hope of Christ to many people who suffer in a similar manner.

The unexpected journey through divorce and losing my mom to cancer had been tough enough. When I feel like giving up, I don’t have to comprehend the entire journey. Echoing the words of the psalmist, I whispered to God that the battle felt enormously overwhelming.

Now looking ahead, my daughter’s label of “terminal disease” seemed bigger than God. I really needed to know that God was not just near, but that He would get me through this. The Holy Spirit prompted me through this reflection. I asked Him to equip me with strength only He can give (Psalm a).

I knew God was with me; I’d known that since I was a child.

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