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But damned if it doesn’t sound sexy in that Aussie drawl.

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Australian English (or Aussie slang, really) is a language of subtle poetry.

A beautiful tongue made up of colourful metaphors and delicately constructed witticisms. It is the language of a people who call things what they are while simultaneously looking to limit the amount of time it takes to get a point across.

After a day of adventuring in New South Wales, Australia, one might be looking for a bite to eat. On Facebook the winery posted a dramatic video of local hero and waitress Samira dragging a goanna back from whence it came.

Local restaurant Mimosa Wines boasts about its local wines, wood-fired pizza and beckoning sunlit terrace. Perhaps used to the bizarre creatures from down under, you can hear people laughing and clapping as the Goanna Girl goes above and beyond her job description.

The event which takes place over four evenings in the capital sees the illumination of famous landmarks, and the display of artworks by international artists. REUTERS/Toby Melville TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY A girl pushes her dog in a pram after it was blessed by a priest in Benalmadena, near Malaga, Spain, January 17, 2016.

Hundreds of pet owners bring their animals to be blessed every year on the day of San Anton, Spain's patron saint of animals.

Australian comedy (or Australian humour) refers to the comedy and humour performed in or about Australia or by the people of Australia.

Australian humour can be traced to various origins, and today is manifested in a diversity of cultural practices and pursuits.

On behalf of its members, the IIA provides policy input to government and advocacy on a range of business and regulatory issues, to promote laws and initiatives which enhance access, equity, reliability and growth of the medium within Australia.

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