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Dispatcher is the mobile version of an escort agency. Around 5pm, after finished all the business craps, someone suggested it's time to take me out for 'entertainments'.

In many sense, dispatcher is just another escort agency. Now these are what the so-called business entertainments for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean always consists: spa, dinner, and karaoke (not always in the same order).

Somebody needs to ‘lift the veil’ on how being disabled affects dating, whether it makes it more difficult, but also see how to overcome those difficulties.

For many people this is an emotional issue while others, usually those already in relationships, don’t understand what all the fuss is about. Some of these girls are crazy I mean, have you read some of those things? Hey, I’m a dangerously insecure nymphomaniac with borderline personality disorder and daddy issue.

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I am a 27 year old chef and was recently involved in a motorcycle accident leaving me paralyzed from the chest down.

——————————————————————————————————— Dear Chris, Thanks for writing! Who knows…at being paralyzed for only five months, you still have a lot of time to get movement back. What you are going through right now – dating someone you’re not 100% happy with – is something everybody before you who’s also paralyzed has also gone through.

One of the first things to go vamoosh when becoming paralyzed, other than losing it the ability to walk of course, is your self-esteem. Everybody thinks when they wake up paralyzed that they’re damaged goods, and somehow less than they were before.

It’s perfectly fine to address a potential partner and ask them if they require help from outside sources with their daily needs.

Dispatcher bills by 3 hours block for companionship and double for overnight. she positioned me at the entrance of her holey grail … it travels like a sequence of running, pulsating neon lights that goes from your did’s head, sliding down the shaft, a gripping anchor at the base, and travels up again … a natural reaction from the girl’s heightened sexual pleasure …. surrendering myself to the explosive cocktail of sensory flashes rippling through every nano-pore of my cock skin … A little bg about myself: I'm a 32 yo indo-Chinese. For some time now I've taken residence in Singapore (mostly) , and also in bintan-batam area.

It takes a lot of journeying of the soul to get to the point where you realize this is bullshit.

Let me save you the trouble of having to figure it out on your own: You are just the man as you were before.

It’s not as easy as it looks, and honestly it doesn’t look that easy!

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