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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Its not that I always talk about sexual things, its just that dont want to be caught in an akward situation when im there you know lol. don't forget to pick up some flag pins and always make sure they know your an american by wearing one, this should help big time with the chickies they sooo love americans.

Ok I might be going to Germany next year, and I was wandering if any one here knew about any sexual taboos in Germany? You may wish to pick up, once there, a leather cap and collar just in case you want to take one back to your room.

When I lived there for several years, I lived in a very small rural town ... Remember that the impression you leave on them will be a lasting impression. If all goes well I will be there for a summer session of school taking a german language course and a businees course as well. we can exchange phone numbers and I can fill you in on all kinds of stuff. I went on exchange there in high school and have been back to visit since...) I'd have to say that people there are very open about sex, from TV,( you'll notice a lot of nudity, even on pprime time tv) to magazines to the way they act.

butchered words can mean a lot different things ... If they do not entirely understand what you're saying, trust me it's a lot of fun demonstrating what you mean. the rules there for dating and flirting and just generally socializing are the same. they already have a bad enough impression of the Americans. Being the way I am, I felt it was my responsibility to represent our country in the most positive way I could. No, I cant speak German, but I totally want to learn. I helped run two businesses out of our house while having my four children ... From the time I've spent in Germany (mainly Hamburg...

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