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In an interview after his release, Dixon told The Oprah Show, “Freedom is great.

It’s unbelievable that I’m finally home after 14 months.

In 2002 the sex therapist Hani Miletski published Understanding Bestiality and Zoophilia, a book based on her study of almost 100 zoophiles — research that led her to conclude that many form deep, loving, and very nurturing relationships with their animal partners.

A subsample of 6,421 participants in Wave 3 of the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health (18– 26-year-olds) who were in a sexual relationship of at least three months’ duration were selected for analysis.

Multiple logistic regression models were used to explore the relationship between love and various sexual activities.

Sexual relationships in young adulthood may have important ramifications for individuals’ physical and emotional well-being.

Nonetheless, representative information about young adults’ sexual activities in long-term relationships and the emotional context of such relationships is rare.

Most young adult couples in long-term relationships engage in a variety of sexual practices with loving partners; the direction of causality in this association and its implications for relationship building require exploration.

Furthermore, programs and interventions that address health and well-being during emerging adulthood should cover issues relevant to a broad range of sexual activities, including oral and anal sex.

In May 2004, the Georgia Supreme Court overturned Dixon’s conviction, stating that he should’ve been prosecuted on the lesser charge of misdemeanor statutory rape, which carries a maximum sentence of one year.

He walked out of prison on May 3, 2004, at age 19, a free man.

Bestiality, the act of having sex with an animal, tends to conjure images of a mucky, socially inadequate, desperate farmer sneaking into the barn after dark, or depraved groups of thrill-seekers forcing sex with drugged, abused, or otherwise mistreated animals (like the case of Douglas Spink and the animal-sex-tourism farm in Washington State).

But the sexual identity that can be attached to bestiality, zoophilia, remains little understood.

I wasn’t going to go broadcast what I was doing, but I also wasn’t thinking to hide.

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